Take a Hike…Please.

By: pattihenderson

Oct 24 2011

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Category: Weekend Adventures


Focal Length:38mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Yesterday was a perfect day!  The shot above was taken at stunning Mono Cliffs Provincial Park in the heart and height of the Bruce Trail near Orangeville.  When I looked the term “mono” up in the dictionary, I got several definitions. This one is NOT the flu-ish definition.  Mono, when used in front of words typically means alone, single, or one.  On past hikes to Mono Cliffs, this definition would have been true.  I have hiked here many times in the past, enjoying the solitude and hushed reverence of being alone with nature. You can hear the wind in the trees, the leaves crunch and my knees creak 🙂  So, why was yesterday perfect you ask? I broke my solemn vow of hiking solitude and brought along two cherished friends to experience the park with fresh eyes. I was “mono” no longer and the experience was all the more rich because of it.  We didn’t just look at nature, we discussed it.  We took turns deciding which path to take. And we talked about life!  The setting asks that you do and rewards you fully for it.  And when we finished our hike with a pint on the divine patio of the Mono Cliffs Inn, I did not have to bring a trusty book along to keep me company. Thanks Kelly and Marybeth for hiking Mono Cliffs with me. You made my day!


2 comments on “Take a Hike…Please.”

  1. Lovely………. we have never been to Mono Cliffs and will definately need to add it to the list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marian, you and Bob would love it!

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