Never, Ever Give Up on Your Dreams – Betty Fox

By: pattihenderson

Sep 18 2011

Category: Weekend Adventures


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

I just got back from the annual Terry Fox Run here in the Toronto Beaches.  As it has been for the last 8 years since moving to my boardwalk apartment, the weather for the run is spectacular – sunny, mild and welcoming to the many who join me down here.  Today’s run was more bittersweet (if that is at all possible) than usual as run organizers celebrated the life of Betty Fox who passed away this year. It is her inspiring words that title this post.  This one compelling, heartfelt plea closed each of Betty’s many speeches given to Canadian school children over the past 25 years on behalf of her son.

I must admit that this run is quite personal for me. It is for everyone.  So many family and friends have been touched by this devastation called cancer.  Each year I head down the boardwalk to the registration table at Woodbine Beach, hoping to start my run early before the crowds come. I need a quiet buffer around me for the first 5 kilometres so I can reflect on family and friends, and the gift that is a happy, healthy life.  I took the photo above at the 2 kilometre mark today, when the trail rounds a bend and the whole of Lake Ontario opens up in front of me.  It is at this point that I remember Betty’s plea and make a pact to never forget my dreams. To never forget how lucky I am.


4 comments on “Never, Ever Give Up on Your Dreams – Betty Fox”

  1. You are also an inspiration to people Patti! Keep sharing your thoughts and photos!

  2. Patti such a worthy cause -we all have been touched by this terrible disease! A cure is something that needs to come sooner than later!

  3. inspiring! It was a very inspiring yet rewarding day at the Terry Fox Run here too! We also use the Lake Ontario waterfront for the five Km loop. Took some pictures of the sun rise on the lake as we set up this morning. Will put some photos on FB later. Thanks for running Patti!

  4. What kind comments from three of my favourite people! Connie and Beverley, thanks! Marian, I wondered if you would be orchestrating the run again out your way. It was a perfect morning! I did our 5K loop twice and really should have stretched first 🙂

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