Take Me to Killarney

By: pattihenderson

Aug 02 2011

Category: Weekend Adventures


Focal Length:25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

I have just spent the last two days nestled in my sunny waterfront Toronto Beaches apartment, contentedly poring over a camera-full of snaps taken on this past week’s Great Northern Ontario Adventure.  In this post I am going to highlight the first leg of my recent journey, Killarney, who’s rugged landscape is revealed in the shot above.  It is little wonder that members of Canada’s revered Group of Seven often took up residence in Killarney, spending days sketching and painting this rugged northern gem.  The likes of Arthur Lismer, Frank Carmichael, A.Y. Jackson and A.J. Casson captured the essence of the place – azure lakes surrounded by white pines that lean but do not break against the prevailing westerly winds, anchored in white quartzite mountains that can be seen for miles.  I took the snap above at my resting place for the evening, The Killarney Mountain Lodge, and the moment I saw this tranquil lodge perch on the edge of the Killarney Channel, I was reminded of the unmistakable landscape muse for our Group of Seven.  If you would like to learn more about the Group of Seven, please visit their web site here. If you would like to read more about my Killarney adventures, please visit my “daily” blog here, and please visit my photo web site here to see a gallery of my originals from the trip.  Thanks for visiting!


2 comments on “Take Me to Killarney”

  1. Killarney is one of my favourite places! We have friends with a lovely off the grid cottage on Lake Carlisle – a little piece of heaven to say the least! Did you have fish and chips? or see Andy Low sing in the lodge bar? – both annual events for us. Last year we camped and hiked at the park for a week in early October – just beautiful!

    • Marian, it IS heaven! I didn’t have fish and chips but had the best steak supper I’ve had in a long while at the Lodge, and then a quiet evening at my little cottage reading. Pure bliss! I may find a way to get back in October as I imagine the colours are spectacular.

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