I Am Not a Geek…I Promise!

As we near the end of another oddly cool weekend here in Toronto, I found myself sticking close to home and catching up on some photography tinkering on my beloved iPad.  What I found was a series of fun apps that can turn photos into funky pieces of art. I took the snap above in New York in the fall and through a series of manipulations, managed to make the industrial-looking Atlas found in front of the Rockefeller Centre look like a potential Ayn Rand book cover. If you have an iPad, I suggest you check out Effects HD, 100 Cameras in 1 and Snapseed for the variety of filters, washes and groovy framing effects. If you wish to see a few more “app-ified” snaps, please check out my Tumblr post from this weekend here.

This photo actually reminds me of my favourite TV Show, Fringe, (a cross between the X-Files and Lost, by the brilliant JJ Abrams) and one of its quirkier episodes called Brown Betty that features a 40’s style Noir musical mixed with industrial, Steampunk retrotronics that seem to be dropped in from the future.  For my fellow geeks out there (you know who you are…) who do not yet watch Fringe, you must.  It is the one show where the series pilot is one of the strongest episodes and it manages to only get better from there.  And for a sense of what I mean by retrotronics, check out this laptop that seems to have been pulled from the noggin of Da Vinci.

Pardon the Geek Out.  You may return to your regularly scheduled programming now…


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