Start “Spreading” the News…

By: pattihenderson

Feb 13 2011

Category: Weekend Adventures


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

This is a post (and a pun) for all of my farmer friends out there.  Can you sense it?  Spring is definitely in the air.  Despite the wintry feel of the shot I took today of this desolate “honey wagon”  on my way home from Forest (my original home away from home), I can feel spring in the air. In my bones.  It’s written all over the sky.  And the animals sense it too.

How did farm kids get this innate sense of the change of seasons? Perhaps we inherited it from our parents. I can tell you that the first hint of the change of seasons, long before you smell it in the air or see it in the melting snow, is the subtle change in the sky.  It becomes softer.  Yellower (if that is a word…).  Then the animals sense it.  Does anyone own a haywire cat right now?  Is it running sideways at the least provocation?  And then it happens.  Your corner flower shop starts carrying tulips.  Stunning white ones.  Orange and pink ones.  Delightful!

Ok, let’s not get crazy.  It is not patio season yet. But cheer up.  It is around the corner.  Ask any farm kid.


3 comments on “Start “Spreading” the News…”

  1. Oh, you are so right. Spring is coming fast.

    The trees are ready for the early season, and we are laying out the lines to tap in the spiles. The snow is melting, the lanes are becoming soft and muddy – don’t you want to remember the muddy walks up the lane to house from the bus.
    Spring is definitely in the air especially on our farm, where the Maple Syrup season starts the beginning of the next season. If the weather forecast is right, by next weekend we will be boiling sap and making maple syrup.

  2. Chris, sorry I missed you this weekend – it was a very short visit! But you are right. And you guys have THE BEST maple syrup! Check out Williamson Farms here:

  3. Love the prediction! Spring is coming, perhaps right around the corner. My hubby is busy getting the guys fired up to go snowmobiling tomorrow or Tues. before the snow disappears. Willy said spring is coming, I say spring is coming and so do you……with such fearless predictors how can anything else happen?

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