Apartment Therapy

By: pattihenderson

Jan 29 2011

Category: Weekend Adventures

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 7D

Does anyone else out there absolutely love Apartment Therapy?  It is a delicious web site festooned with interior design eye candy.  The site daily lets you inside of the living rooms of hip home owners around the globe. You can find the site here BUT please promise me to come back and read the rest of this post??? 

Today I did a brash thing…I actually submitted photos of my wee boardwalk flat to Apartment Therapy. Yup.  Of course I had to clean, dust and fuss before snapping every corner of this 300 X 300 gem. We’ll see what happens.  I really did this in celebration of receiving four photos taken on my recent New York trip back from my framers, the wonderful Leslieville shop Telegramme. They now proudly hang on each of my walls reminding me that I have been blessed to visit such an exotic, adventurous, bustling metropolis.  They are living proof that I have indeed travelled and remembered to capture the moment.  Isn’t that what photography is really all about?

You can find all of my Apartment Therapy shots here.  I would also like to give a shout out to some of my favourite vintage modern furniture shops whose treasures now adorn my flat.  The Eames-ish rocker and desk chair hail from Mikaza Home in Ottawa, and my beloved teak desk once belonged to Shauntelle LeBlanc’s hip ode to 20th Century living,  Ethel in the vintage-rich Leslieville area in Toronto.  While there, please visit Ian at nearby Telegramme Prints.  He’s awesome and so is his shop which is chock-a-block full of groovy prints ready to be framed and taken home.

Tomorrow I’m off to explore the Interior Design Show and will hopefully not drool over everything I see.  Happy weekend everyone!


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