Wishing You the Merriest

By: pattihenderson

Dec 22 2010

Category: Weekend Adventures


Here I am on the eve of heading home for the holidays and I’m feeling quite nostalgic.  This time last year Christmas Eve back home in Forest was extra special.  We all gathered in the town square eagerly awaiting the Vancouver Olympic Torch Relay.  Although my hands were cold, my heart was warmed by our small town proudly singing O Canada as the torch was lit.  It was a very Whoville experience.  You know, when all the Who’s joined hands and sang that song?  Are you singing it in your head right now? You’re welcome!

I’m also recalling the day I drove up to Creemore to take the pictures above.  It was a snowy New Year’s Day and I wound up sliding off a steep concession road backwards into a snow-filled ditch.  Fun stuff in a Jeep, trust me.  All worth it to capture some festive snaps to share with you this evening in my last post before Christmas.  Here’s wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season, and a warm thank you for following me this year in my Vagabond Adventures.  You made my year! Thank You!



2 comments on “Wishing You the Merriest”

  1. Have a wonderful Christmas with the family, Patti!
    from your cuz in warm Chile!

  2. You too Marian! Merry Christmas to you and Bob and enjoy Chile!

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