Going to the Show

Why don’t I go to the show more often?  Last weekend I actually found some time to go and see a movie and I realized how I’d forgotten what a treat going to see a flick is.  And it is not just about the movie.  It is about the whole experience.  So when I finally found myself back at my local rep theatre in the Beaches last Sunday, the Fox, I pinched myself to remember to do this again soon, and often.

The Fox is a neighbourhood and indeed a Toronto film buff institution.  It is one of the oldest running theatres in Toronto and it offers the perfect moviegoers’ experience:  an old-fashioned light bulb sign (see close-up above), outdoor ticket booth, real food ( including home-made bakery stuff!), comfy velour seats with plenty of leg room, and first-rate films at a great price, especially if you have a membership.  I took in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo as I had just finished the book.

If you ever find yourself in the east end of Toronto with a hankering for a movie, please visit the Fox.  You’ll be glad you did.


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