Week One With the “Magical Device”

By: pattihenderson

Jun 05 2010

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Category: Weekend Adventures

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Does the photo above remind you of the girl in the red coat in Steven Spielberg’s compelling movie Schindler’s List?  It is actually a photo I took in Havana several years back transformed by a groovy app called Coloursplash on my now beloved gadget, the iPad.  I have had my “iPat” for a week now and I must say I love it.  It is at least 6 cool gadgets in 1, including e-reader, web browser, notebook, e-mail box, GPS, photo editor, jukebox and, unfortunately, ATM.  I love that it allows me to easily read broadly (a habit I picked up from my days as a publisher reading many manuscripts at once), create and share easily, find great places to dine in Toronto (and elsewhere in the future), keep in touch with family and friends, and keep on top of all the information streaming by at an alarming rate.  In future posts I’ll share some of my favourite applications with you, but I am withholding judgement until I’ve given them all a good spin.

OK, the Yankees are in town and it is time to catch a good baseball game… and no, I am not going to watch it on my iPad 🙂  Enjoy your Saturday!


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