The Water Street Cafe

By: pattihenderson

May 09 2010

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Category: Weekend Adventures

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It must be getting close to supper time!  I’m thinking about an awesome dining experience I had while away in Vancouver.  It was a Wednesday night and for once, I wasn’t ready for bed at 7pm (that 3 hour time difference is a doozy sometimes!).  Rather than bury my head in a good book, I picked up my book and packed it away with my camera and took off to find a nice quiet meal somewhere close by my hotel.  I wound up wandering down through historic Gastown, trying very hard not to spend any more of my hard-earned money on Vancouver Olympic souvenirs.  It was a struggle.  Midway along Water Street in the heart of Gastown I came across the famous Steam Clock (read more about its history here).  Across the street from the clock was a welcoming looking cafe so I crossed the street to check out the menu.  Good food.  Check.  I looked in the window and there were tables with crisp white linen table cloths and sparkling cutlery.  Ambience.  Check.  So I went in.  This was one of my favourite dining experiences in a long time.  The owner met me at the door and sat me at a quiet table in the back at my request.  The Gypsy Kings were playing in the background, and the food was amazing!  I even had time over a nice glass of red to read a few chapters of my current novel, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (yay Penguin!).

If you’re ever in Vancouver, check out the Water Street Cafe.  And try their freshly made bread.  I took a picture for you just before it disappeared…


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