You’re Going to Make it Afterall

By: pattihenderson

May 06 2010

Category: Weekend Adventures

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Last Friday evening on Robson Street in Vancouver I had a Mary Tyler Moore moment.  It was, afterall, a Friday evening in a fabulous, vibrant city.  I had an inspiring if somewhat tiring work week behind me, and all of downtown Vancouver beckoning me to take some snaps.  I wandered aimlessly up and down all the main drags, Burrard, Nelson, Howe and at last, Robson.  I found the picture above just off Burrard.  Waterfalls were everywhere and I had some fun slowing down the shutter speed to get the effect of movement.  I was so pleased with myself, and was experiencing that wonderful feeling of freedom that comes with a Friday night away in a strange place.  Just as I was crossing onto Robson, I must have had that look that our good friend Mary had when crossing the street back in Minneapolis.  You know the moment…tam in the air…the theme song  encouraging me that “I’m going to make it afterall” and then a young gentleman shouts out to me “you look fabulous honey.”  Pure delight!  Much to my surprise, rather than saying “thank-you” as I ought, I actually shouted back “that’s right!” and went on my Mary way. 

What would Mr. Grant think???


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