The Great Vancouver Adventure Begins Here

By: pattihenderson

May 02 2010

Category: Weekend Adventures


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


Over the next few posts I hope to share with you a few snaps I took on my recent work trip to Vancouver.  It was a hectic week (good!!) so there’s not a wealth of snaps to share, but I do have a few and a few stories to tell along the way.  I took the snap above last Sunday afternoon from my vantage point on a cozy Coal Harbour patio called The Mill Marine Bistro where I sat after a long flight to relax and watch the sea planes come in.  A great start to my week.

And yes, I have gone back to my previous blog theme that focusses on just one photo.  I did admire the last theme for its grooviness, but after a while, all that faux wood panelling started to remind me of my basement apartment in 4th year university…enough said.


2 comments on “The Great Vancouver Adventure Begins Here”

  1. I love the contrasting colours! very adventurous.

    And I am glad you complained about your apartment in 4th year and not 3rd year! That rocking chair was awesome.

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