The San Francisco Treat

By: pattihenderson

Mar 27 2010

Category: Weekend Adventures


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

No, I’m not talking about Rice-a-Roni (did I just date myself with that pop-culture reference?).  I am talking about the Golden Gate Bridge.  Today, as I’m preparing for another work junket, I am feeling nostalgic for a trip I was fortunate to take about this time last year, to San Francisco.  I was able to feed my mind with an eMarketing conference and decided to feed my soul and extend my stay several days beyond the conference to explore this wonderful city.  On my last night there I was graced with the shot above; my personal favourite-shot-of-all-time.  I captured this shot at the end of a long pier not far from my hotel.  For once, the picture actually captures what I saw with my eyes.  A magic moment I will remember for quite some time.  Lucky shot; lucky girl!


4 comments on “The San Francisco Treat”

  1. This is an amazing shot! It captured the moment so perfectly, and everything about it is just perfect!

  2. Franklin, thanks so much for your kind comments!

  3. I like Mark Twain’s comment about San Fran . . .” the coldestwinter I ever spent was my summer in San Fransico!”

  4. Sara, you and Mark Twain are right – I was there in late April last year. The sun was hot but a cold wind blew constantly. And then there’s the fog…but I still love it there!

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