Signs of Spring

By: pattihenderson

Feb 20 2010

Category: Weekend Adventures

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I know, I know…we’re still in February.  But can’t you sense it?  I am seeing signs of spring everywhere and it is not just the fanciful dreams of a wishful thinker.  My first sign is the arrival of tulips at my local grocer.  Lots and lots of tulips in a variety of appealing shades.  My favourite is clean white.  But these purple ones above reached out and begged me to take them home yesterday, so I did.  And I took a picture of them just for you.

There are other signs too.  Growing up on a farm has gifted me with a super-spring sense attuned to the natural world.  Trust me, there is an imperceptible change to the light in the afternoon sky.  There is a tinge of warm yellow to it.  You can smell the earth awakening.  And like any farmer, there is a sense of hope that new beginnings bring.

Enjoy your Saturday and the hope of spring!


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