Working in (Vintage) Style

By: pattihenderson

Jan 12 2010

Category: Weekend Adventures


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Where it all happens.

You can tell I haven’t been on a back road adventure in a while if I’m sharing a picture of my home office with you.  I am doing so with beaming pride, however.  Several weeks ago I treated myself to a “new” as in new to me Mid-Century Modern teak desk and Eames-ish desk chair.  They fit my little Beaches flat to a T and it is now the perfect spot for editing photos (yes, dear reader, I LOVE editing photos, or “tarting them up” as I like to say – it is almost as much fun as taking the picture…almost).  Please also note my clever CPU holder adorned with flowers that I do not water but dust regularly.  I found my two Mid-Century treasures (chair and desk) at a groovy, fab Leslieville icon called Ethel  This store is chock-a-block full of classic and vintage finds all of which could easily have found a new home with me had I room in the back of my Jeep.  I could have taken home Edyth, the store cat, too if the owner had let me 🙂


5 comments on “Working in (Vintage) Style”

  1. Nice digs sista!!

  2. Mighty chic for a vagabond!! Desk is lovely and the chair is comfy looking. And who says size doesn’t matter–that is a powerful looking monitor

  3. I’ve seen this somewhere before . . .

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