By: pattihenderson

Jan 02 2010

Category: Weekend Adventures


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

On this News Years Day, 2010, it would be typical to think of resolutions, if only they stuck.  Instead, I’m calling this blog post Resolute, in honour of my dedication to get outside and enjoy the day.  Today I was resolute in my plan to head north of the city and find some snow, and perhaps, find next year’s Christmas card photo before everyone put their baubles away for another year.  Not only did I find snow, I found a few snaps worthy of next year’s card.  Here’s a few candidates:

My first back roads photo adventure of 2010 found me winding my way up Airport Road out into the snowy countryside north of Toronto.  I navigated the concessions through the Mulmer hills, and with each concession north I found more and more snow.  To add to the excitement, not far from my destination, Creemore, I actually found myself sideways in a ditch.  No fear, my trusty Jeep has 4 wheel drive and I had to use all of them to get out of that ditch. Maybe I should have called this post Resolute Bay… By the time I got to Creemore, the weather “went south” as they say and I decided to turn my Jeep around and head back home.  Not before I got a few snaps off.  Here’s one more, with more to be posted tomorrow.  If you wish, you can find a few now in my new January gallery found here:

Happy New Year everyone!


2 comments on “Resolute”

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  2. Thanks so much for linking to my blog. My next post will be about Creemore and what a special place it is. Happy New Year!

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