And the Winner Is…

By: pattihenderson

Nov 03 2009

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Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Thanks to everyone who participated in my “What’s In a Name?” contest!  As you may recall, I have been struggling with coming up with a creative name for my photography “business” and the public has spoken.  Ginger Snaps Photography it is.  Two puns in one title – what’s not to love?  It ranks up there with a few of my other favourite punnish business monikers, such as the ever-popular “A Cut Above” (hair salon – these are typically kitchy), Fluke (the transport carrier with this written on the side:  “If it get’s there on time, it’s a Fluke), and my most recent find, “Who’s Walking Who?”, a dog obedience school in the neighbourhood.  I’m sure there’s others – feel free to share your favourite here.

Ginger Snaps Photography Header 2

You may also have noticed I changed the look of this blog.  Don’t we all need something a little bright and cheery now that we’re entering into the darker months?  And on my creative stay-in-my-pj’s-all-day Sunday, I also devised a new header for this blog (see above) that better reflected the title – Adventures of a Vagabond Photographer – a collage of some of my favourite pictures from the past few months.  Hope you enjoy the new look, and the new name!


4 comments on “And the Winner Is…”

  1. I was rooting for Snap Dragon! Oh well…Ginger snap is a good fit! Love it!

  2. Don’t forget the famous Cycle Path bike shop or the apocryphal Cheeses of Nazareth.

    I see a third pun if we take your red-headed temper into the equation. Although, I’m afraid by pointing that out you might snap at me (and not in a good way).

  3. Thanks Jen. And Jo, I knew I could count on you to add some more great punny businesses! This is me not snapping at you…

  4. Ginger, that is a great name!

    You will need to incorportate Vixen at X-mas time!

    Good on ya,


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