Where Did September Go?

By: pattihenderson

Oct 01 2009

Category: Weekend Adventures


With temperatures around here now hovering around 10 degrees, the Blue Jays counting down their last few games, and the Leafs gearing up to kick butt this season, autumn seems to have arrived in an awful hurry.  I did manage to wear my camel-coloured cords twice already though…and perhaps a turtle neck tomorrow.  And I admit to looking forward to wearing my Michelin Man puffy down vest.  Perhaps it is time to put away the shorts, baseball glove and brightly-coloured beach chair and embrace autumn.

The picture above was taken at my sister Jen’s this past weekend where we held an early Thanksgiving.  She is THE Martha Stewart of seasonal decorating!  For more snaps from the Forest Fall Fair and some seasonal shots from back home, go to www.pattihenderson.smugmug.com/Photography/September-Backroad-Adventures

Go Leafs!


2 comments on “Where Did September Go?”

  1. I’m really enjoying your work here and on your smugmug site. Fall indeed! I’ve just lit a fire in the woodstove… with scraps from what should be our split woodpile if we had actually split our wood for winter. The gas furnace kicking in reminds me that some chopping is necessary! Enjoy the fall colours…

  2. Glen, thanks for the visit! Have a great fall season out there in PG.

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