Fun at the Hometown Fair

By: pattihenderson

Sep 28 2009

Category: Weekend Adventures


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

For the chap who said you can never go home again, I say you are wrong my friend.  This weekend I made the yearly trip back home to the Forest Fall Fair.  Yes, the rides seem somehow smaller.  And the parade shorter.  But they’re not.  I’m just bigger and less patient.

Over the next week I’ll try to post more shots taken from the fair.  Until the next post, I thought I’d leave you with my most unexpected and therefore treasured shot…my Mum on the ferris wheel!  You’re never too old to have an absolute blast.  OK…so maybe after posting this picture I may not be able to go back home again…

Mum on the Ferris Wheel


3 comments on “Fun at the Hometown Fair”

  1. How many drinks did it take to get her up there!lol!

  2. I only had 2 glasses of wine Jen…:)

  3. Wow, missed you that day. I was in and around Forest. Thought it was a really long parade for such a small town!

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