What’s in a Name?

By: pattihenderson

Sep 23 2009

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Well, now that I’m 3 blogs in and gathering steam, I feel it’s time to ask you a favour if that’s ok?  I really need your creative genius and honest opinion.  I personally think the title of my photo web site, Patti Henderson Photography, is BORING.  Sure, it is my name and I hope that’s not the boring bit, but in the age of personal branding, this just isn’t cutting it.  Can I share with you a few alternatives that have crossed my mind?  Feel free to chuckle at any time…

Vagabond Photography – please see sub-title in my blog header above…does that grab you?  A bit edgier than Patti Henderson Photography and there’s the potential for an icon or logo should I ever need or want one…it appeals to my restless spirit.

Rebel Photography – I’m admitting here I purchased my current camera because I liked the name…thankfully it has turned out to be a gem.  I may not keep it forever but I do enjoy walking on the rebellious side now and again.  It might be because of the red hair, which leads me to

Redhead Photography – a nod to the hair colour.  Again, like the one above, it may not last forever…

Ginger Snaps – another nod to the hair, and a great photography pun all in one.  This one makes me giggle, but will it remind folks of your grandmother’s best cookie recipe or worse, a horror movie???

So here’s the challenge and a reward.  For all those who comment, either picking a name from above, or providing a new name that best reflects what my pictures mean to you, I will send you an 8X10 of your favourite shot over at my Smugmug web site:  www.pattihenderson.smugmug.com

Would it help to know why I started a photo web site or enjoy photography?  For me, it represents in a way my legacy.  I haven’t had the pleasure of my own children (yet) so it is nice to leave a bit of me behind somehow.  That one is a bit deep.  I also love taking off on a weekend adventure and capturing evidence that I had a good time in my travels.  Essentially it is the expression of a free and creative spirit.  From deep to new agey in one paragragh – it is clearly time to step away from the computer.  I’ll leave you with a snap I’ve actually captured twice I enjoy it so much.  A nice retro establishment in the west  end of Toronto with great food and coffee and a fun sign.


7 comments on “What’s in a Name?”

  1. Hey Patti,

    I like Patti Henderson Photography in that by putting your name in the business you are clearly identifying yourself with the brand. You want people to remember your name. But I can also see your desire to have something a bit catchier that is memorable by itself (for those too lazy to take the time to memorize your name). I’m not thrilled with Vagabond–makes you sound homeless. I have an allergic reaction to any thing that hints of Anne of GG, so Redhead Photography makes my skin crawl. Rebel is good, but it doesn’t really reflect the type of images you produce, which are somewhat traditional and nature oriented with the ocassional sighting of scantily clad volleyball dudes. I guess that answers my question for you (ie what do you shoot with)…a Canon Rebel, I assume…any particular model? I’m taking a digital photography class and looking to buy a “grown-up camera”.
    I really like Ginger Snaps, because it’s so catchy, and because when I think Patti, I think puns. Besides, it captures not just the hair colour but all also the personality 😉 It also might give you a memorably little gimmick. You could send gourmet ginger snaps to clients at Christmas–that sort of thing. Anyway there’s my two-cents. Good luck with the blog.

  2. Ok Pat
    I thought about this quite a bit and I think I have come up with two names that might work – if your going with the hair colour thing – I have come up with “Bloodshot’s” a bit gorey but it is catchy and would get peoples attention.
    But I must admit – I am really liking the next one the best……. ready?

    Florid-Film’s or Floridfilm….

    Florid has many meanings – elaborate, showy, bright, healthy, energetic, decorative, theatrical and of course it also can mean a shade of the colour red…….
    Let me know what you think!

  3. Go with Ginger Snaps – the hair, the photos, the attitude – it’s got some spice. Just like you!

    You are inspiring me to get my blog going. I’d love to do some vagabounding with you – we have a lot of similar interests and I LOVE your pics.

    So glad to be back in touch with you!

  4. I’m all about the Ginger Snaps, Patti-cakes. Or, this just hit me: Patti’s Takes? Take or leave it, but I love the snaps, Ginger or otherwise… And the shot of your Mum is FANTASTICK!!

    xo – TLC

  5. Hey Patti!

    I love your sigt. Your photos are incredible. I especially love the colours. They make me want to hit the road to experience what you have. Thank you!

    I like Ginger Snaps.

  6. Hi Patti,
    Being a fellow punster, I love Ginger Snaps for a name. I also think it shows some of your personality.
    On behalf of my mother, may I also suggest “My God, Patti, Your Hair’s On Fire Photography?” lol

  7. Hi !
    I am new to wordpress and following one of my recent posts (jul4 2010) wp said this post was similar, even though a bit older
    after reading i guess it is in a way!
    Im looking forward to following your blog now!

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