Backroads Tour- Glen Williams, Belfountain, Mono Cliffs…

By: pattihenderson

Sep 22 2009

Category: Weekend Adventures


Focal Length:57mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Ok, so Sunday’s tour has to be one of my favourites of late.  Why? Great weather helps!  Took the roof off the Jeep and let the sun pour in.  But the destinations also helped.  Those who live close to the GTA should check out the villages of Glen Williams, Belfountain and Mono Cliffs – all reachable in one Sunday afternoon.

In Glen Williams I found 2 gems worth exploring (there’s more but here’s 2 to start)…The Beaumont Mill and Reeve and Clarke Books.  The Beaumont Mill is just that -an old limestone mill chock a block full of vintage finds (I picked up a classic Brownie camera, and envied a massive record collection…)  The bookshop is a book-phile extravaganza of old classics smelling of great literature.  If you want to take a day trip out, also check out the Glen Oven Bakery for coffee and the Copper Kettle Pub for something stronger.  Here`s a good link that can tell you a bit more:

Ok, that`s it for now…here`s a snap of one of the gems from the mill – a vintage Poleroid camera.  For a few more shots from the backroads tour, I`ve posted a few new ones tonight in


2 comments on “Backroads Tour- Glen Williams, Belfountain, Mono Cliffs…”

  1. Such a cool idea! Finally, your adventures no longer shuttered but fully exposed at dazzling speeds. Impressive!

  2. Flashy puns Don! Thanks!

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